I am thrilled with Body Thrills


A while back I did a post on Body Thrills, I ordered 2 products from them:

Ginger & Mustard Muscle Soak


and(actually I ordered the Cupcake Body Polish but for lack of a picture this is the substitute, anyway same container different sticker)

Here is my product review:

I wanted to eat the Body Polish!!! Seriously I almost tasted it, something that smells that delicious has to be edible!

It is a very enjoyable scrub and I recommend it to everyone.

My husband got spoiled with Ginger & Mustard Muscle Soak. He was so pleased with this product. It has a very refreshing smell, yet it is instantly relaxing.

My husband was all smiles and insisted that I buy another one before this is finished.

Because of the quality in both these products you use very little yet you get a lot of quality during use.

The service is also very friendly and fast, I have no complaints 🙂

So I would suggest to anyone and everyone to buy these products.


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