I grew up on a farm full of animals and green fields.

I am married to a wonderful man who spoils me and treats my like royalty.

I have a loving mother and a father who is my hero.

After learning to walk I got on the back of a horse and never looked back.

Every scar on my body is in honor of some horse riding incident and I am proud to show them off.

I love art.

I appreciate the simple things in life like food, having a home and being able to breath fresh air.

I am a very grateful person and loving person.

I want to believe there is good in all, but some days are easier than others.

I love fashion, but since I am super cute and short fashion does not always like me.

Nature is my energy, when I am tired or sad I sit on the grass and meditate, you will not believe how much it helps.

I really like bees.

I have 2 big pots full of lavender in my garden and plan to have lots more in the future.

My house is always filled with fresh lavender or flowers.

I really like candy.

Lollipops and Scuba diving go hand in hand.

I will travel and pay a lot to eat good food.

Pastries are like heaven with sugar.

I have a library in my house.

I love flea-markets and all things handmade.

I spend my weekends thrifting at markets and volunteering at animal shelters.

I am a Freelance Graphic Designer by profession and degree.

From 2012 I will be a full time psychology student.


Just so you know…


My blog is not sponsored by anyone.

I do not get paid and I do not recieve gifts from any person or company featured on my blog. If this ever does happen I will note it on the post.

All features are done so freely by me because I like the product and I want to share it with my readers.

I link all images and information shared on my blog to the person who wrote it or took the picture.

If you are unhappy or feel something on my blog is unfitting or offends you pease let me know and I will remove it.

My blog is a personal “wishlist” “Recipe book” “Positive influence” and all other things for me.

If you want you are welcome to read it, but if you don’t like it please just leave.

I do not blog to make someone else happy or to impress anyone.

I do this for myself.


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