Body Thrills for your sweet tooth


As you all know I have an extreme sweet tooth. I would sell my soul for cake (Specially Black Forest)

But not only for cake, basically anything that contains real chocolate (dark Belgium). I believe firmly that if you put calories in at least make it worth it, so I go for the real thing.

So I discovered Body Thrills and I am so exited! I ordered so yummy products. Admittedly my first thought was; “Can you eat this?”

So without further delay I bought myself and hubby each a little something.

Cupcake Frosting Body Polish 

Firstly I would like to say that I know this is not the Cupcake Frosting Body Polish, but they did not have an image available so I went with another option.

Secondly this is the description:

MADE WITH: crushed vanilla pods, coconut, soy milk, shea butter and cocoa butter.
PERFECT FOR: satisfying a cupcake-craving without having to partake in any of the calories.


Hubby is getting some loving with

Ginger & Mustard Muscle Soak

MADE WITH: mustard, ginger and peppermint.

PERFECT FOR: a hot soak to relieve tired, aching and over-worked muscles. If you’re a gym bunny/sportsman/athlete this Muscle Soak is ideal for you.

Think he will enjoy this.

Then there is this, I really love these.

I know a few lucky ladies whose birthdays are coming up and would adore these products.

Since all of these products are natural and preservative free I know all my health nut friends (and the not so nutty ones) will love them.

Divine Chocolate!

Lucky friend 🙂

In case you are now craving some sweetness go have a look at the site

I will inform you as soon as my products arrive!


All images are from the website

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