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Super exited! I will be on holiday for a few days!

Off to the beach we go!

(Image is mine)

Just for a while


I have to leave again.

This time for work and some personal stuff (will tell when I get back)

A bit nervous since I have to go alone and will really miss my doggies and husband.

But I know when I get back they will be super happy and give me big hugs.

So postings will just be little thoughts planned out ahead of time 🙂

Lots of love


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Off on another adventure


I am off on another adventure.

Super exited and feeling super blessed to be able to do this.

I will be learning some more things and getting my accreditation in some awesome stuff.

Will tell you more when I get back.

Lots of lavender love


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Fresh water fountain in Dubrovnik


One of many fresh water fountains in Dubrovnik


Image via me

Dubrovnik, my fav photo so far.


I love this!

Took this photo while in Dubrovnik,Croatia.


Photo taken by me

The best thing in Croatia


All the flowers.

They are in windowsills, hanging from rooftops and in front off all the buildings.

Even the markets are full of them.

This was my favorite thing about Croatia.

More pics to follow in the next few weeks.


Image taken by me

Taking a trip


I am off to Croatia for a bit of a vacation.

So I will not be posting or tweeting.

I will however be taking many photos and relaxing.

So take care and have a lovely week.


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