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Landsat Annual Timelapse 1984-2012

There are changes made by man on the earth that can be seen from space! How insane is it to think that humans have managed to influence the earth so much that it can be seen million miles away. So it made me wonder if there was a time lapse video of my life, what would it look like? Like deforestation or like Dubai’s palm island? Depending on your view both could be pretty bad, but I personally like the idea of the palm islands.

There is definitely some deforestation in my time lapse, especially in my teenage years. As a young adult I think I managed to start building my own palm islands, changing my approach to life and bettering the influence I have on others. Making an effort to love and care for every person I meet. As with the islands some people appreciate it while others despise it, but that is where self-acceptance comes in. Took me a while, about 26 years, but I finally love who I am and enjoy bettering myself each and everyday.

I will never forget in high-school there was a girl who use to insult and judge me constantly and instead of becomming upset I would ask her why she felt this way about me. She used to tell me to stop questioning and just take it. What she didn’t know was I questioned her so that I could become a better person and learn from her, not to make her like me, but to be a better me. Today I am happy, successful and loved and I still question people who react negatively toward me so that I can learn if I need to work on an aspect in my life or if it’s just that they have never questioned themselves, or taken the time to look at themselves in the mirror and ask “Do I like what I see”.

Believe in you


Tea marvelous tea!




I am a tea lover, so I am always on the look out for interesting and lovely teas.

So when I found this site I danced (on my own) in my study.

So many choices and options and colors and tastes… I am a kid in a candy store!

Go have a look!!!!!!! And buy me some 🙂

As soon as my current teas are done I will start buying the flower tea and inform you of my “expert” opinion.

He met Her – toknight we ride (johnny & kate)


This is my favorite song!!! Seriously love love love.
Not only is it about an awesome couple it’s my obsession Kate Moss.

This song to me feels like it is what their relationship had to be like.
Then the band is so hot! Look at them and their voices. L.O.V.E.





I love this quote, since it is so true in my life. I am surrounded by people who are very materialistic and focused on fame and fortune. I have never understood this, I believe that a goal should enrich you as a person. It seems like the prior is focused on what others think of you and it misses the point of what do you think of yourself, when you are alone, without others surrounding you… But that’s just me.

So since I focus on enriching lives and I try and avoid negativity and hurting people I am seen as weak, which I find amusing to be honest. I just choose my battles, truth is why must I fight with people and ruin a relationship over something that I will never be able to change anyway when I can rather focus my energy on learning from their behavior and reactions. And from what I learn I can change my approach and use a different route to see how they react to that point… You see I am not weak 🙂 I use my experiences to enhance my understanding of people. In doing this I have learned so much about myself and personality types.  So next time someone decides to be nice to you instead of screaming at you, consider what they are learning about you as a person…

Consider the strength it takes to stay quiet and not protect themselves, the strength it takes to not defend against the false accusations, the lies and all the pain they have to deal with. It takes strength to be true to yourself and not give in to the fight of the simple minded. So often I have been verbally abused by people and I would smile and walk away, then afterward I would think shame that poor person was fueled by jealousy or by their own insecurity. Cause that is usually what cause people to be nasty.

I only recently managed to see things in this way, and it is still difficult but I have gained so much insight into people. Things I would fight for are things I feel proud of, things I love and am loyal to. I will fight for my beliefs, I will fight for my husband and I will fight for my blood relatives. I will not fight against false accusations, I will state my point in a calm way and leave. You will not get me involved emotionally.

So stand up for yourself, but be careful that you don’t get drawn into a petty brawl to make someone else feel better about their insecurities.

So moral of the story is, strength has many faces and many different forms. Don’t be fooled into thinking that screaming and physically hurting someone is strength.


Movies I wanna see


Life of Pi

Read the book, just hope the movie is as good

Perks of being a wallflower

Exited to watch these