Merve Kahraman


This is the coolest lamp ever!!

I will own you one day…

It is fittingly named: REVITALIZER

“The Revitalizer is a wax-lamp that re-creates itself  over time, allowing its owner to re-use it and observe the growing-old,dying and rebirth cycle of the lamp. The high voltage bulb inside the lamp melts the wax slowly and after all the wax melts down into the cup, the heat resistance inside the core helps the wax to create a new mould. Once the wax cools down and take its shape, the user can take it out and replace it into the top part of the lamp. The soft lamp shade that revitalizer gives out and various shapes it forms while melting, creates surprise and feeling of relaxation.” Merve Kahraman

Designed by

Merve Kahraman

My second favourite is

Hybrid no 2

“HYBRID collection was inspired by the mythologies of parahumans. This anthro chair unions with its owner, merging into one.  It is entirely handmade and available in different  leathers.”

Merve Kahraman

Last but not least:


“The “Seduction Series” is a new experience emphasizing the aromas distinctive to Remy Martin. These unique items of glassware and serving accessories are intended to sensitize people to the expectation of complex olfactory experiences by using specific gestures. The service will be exclusive to private events and parties and it brings a youthful way to celebrate the exceptional aromatic profiles of Remy Martin.” Merve Kahraman

How gorgeous!

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