A beautiful curse


O my goodness! How time flies. I have not been near my blog in ages.

In honor of my quick return and hopefully longer stay I want to be informative.

I recently started working as a Teachers Assistant at Unica in Pretoria. It is a school for children with Autism.

I have learned so much from the teachers and have so much respect for the work they do.

Psyche is an association at the university of Pretoria that does incredible work with Unica to create awareness.

I am proud to be part of this association.

Unfortunately I don’t have photos to share of the kids or events but instead I urge you to go the websites and have a look at the photos on there.

Go have a look at Psyche Facebook page here

Unica website link here

I found this poem and just had to share

A beautiful curse

Do not be offended if I avoid your gaze,
I am often oblivious to those that surround me

Do not feel shunned if I ignore your words,
I often like to be alone where I can make sense of my world

Do not be hurt if I reject your affection,
I sometimes struggle to understand your emotion

Do not be confused by my ‘normal’ appearance.
I am unique and special in myself but I look like just like everybody else.

Written by ©Nicola Kirby

I found the poem here and there are many more so go have a look

Take care and have a lovely weekend




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