Time flies when you having fun


Since orientation has started at university I have had no time to blog or read blogs.

I set up I think 2? So apologies, but I have to admit I am having a lot of fun and can not wait for classes to start.

Just for fun, here is a few things I realized this week:

Comfy shoes are key

Always have a bottle of water with you

Take something to nibble on, classes are long and you get hungry.

Students are mostly friendly and helpful

Always thank people who help you (specially lecturers and admin)

Always apologize when you were in the wrong

Don’t be shy

Keep on smiling, it does wonders

Greet people even if you don’t know them

Work hard and pay attention

These are only a few things I want to mention, there are lost more but I actually have a job as well so got to get to that.