January Glambox review


So I received my Glambox and I decided to do a product review. Just a little something new to liven up the blog:)

So I was extremely impressed with the package presentation. It felt like I was opening a present.

I was very exited to try the products, so here we go!

My experience:

Parisiene by Yves Saint Laurent

It smells divine! I am not an expert in Perfume so let’s not get carried away with what it smells like.

I suggest you go smell it yourself.

I received a 1.5 ml sample and really fell in love with the smell.

But I was very disappointing by the fact that the perfume only lasted about 30 min after I put it on.

Anew Clinical Eye Lift pro by Avon

My very first eye-cream, and I was not disappointed.

And it was a full-sized product!

I can unfortunately not say that I can see a difference, but it is a very user-friendly product and I can feel a difference in the skin around my eyes.

You have a gel and cream that you apply to various areas around the eye and it feels wonderful.

A winner in my book.

Elancyl Toning Foaming Scrub

Firstly I would like to just say that :

  1. I tend to have a very sensitive skin.
  2. I do use scrubs very often so my skin is used to it
  3. This was my experience , yours may very well be different

After I used a bit of this product while showering (30ml sample was received) I loved the smell and texture.

Unfortunately not long after using it I developed a very bad rash on my chest.

So I am a bit apprehensive about this product, I do suggest that if you are interested in it consider getting a sample first.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump effect Perfect Ultra lift & Firm Moisture Cream SPF 30

I experienced it as very oily on my skin. I have a very dry skin so products  usually do not have this effect.

I feel that this product should be used by woman with more mature skins.

I want to ask my mother to give it a try so I’ll get back to you on this one.

Like Silk Eye Makeup Remover

I used makeup remover once in my life, it was a horrible experience!

My eyes burned from it and my skin felt dried out. Thus I never bought any . I use my face wash to remove makeup.

Considering that the next morning I look like a raccoon.

So this was a scary try for me, but you know what!

It is true to its name. It did not burn, and my skin felt lovely afterwards.

I would really suggest you try it.

So that ladies ( and gents) was my January Glambox review.

I do hope you enjoyed it.

Till the next box arrives!

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