Sales or Thrift stores? That is the question


On 6 September 2010 I took on a WNN challenge.

I was inspired and ready to go a year without buying anything new.

Not even a month in and this has already become a big obstacle.

I have not been able to find second hand clothes that are worth the price either the item has been worn to pieces or has “mean” stains on it.

Paying R50 for a shirt that is half price in a store or paying R45 for a thrift store item?

Would you not rather buy the never before worn item that you can return if it has a hole in or a mark on it?

Every now and then I will find something cheap and in good condition at a thrift store or market, but most of the time the stuff is damaged and over priced.

Shopping in a mall at a 50% discount sale makes a lot more sense then.

So in conclusion I will not completely give up my oath of WNN.

BUT if I do see an item that has been market off 50% or more I will consider buying it.

I do feel that paying full price is something I will no longer do.

Since making th WNN oath I have managed to pay R50 for a pair of (second-hand)Levi’s jeans (thrifted) and R80 for a pair of (brand new) Forever New jeans (in store sale).

So yes I am saving money. Yes I still look good.

Yes I am proud that I have the self-discipline to walk past something gorgeous and wait for it to drop in price.

So now my question is, do you agree?

Should you WNN and never go into a store?

Or put a limit on how much you are willing to pay and look out for sales that are worth your time?

Would love to hear your thoughts.



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