The 12 and a Half Minute Martini


 Since I am spending a whole weekend celebrating my birth I decided to share my all time favorite cocktail with you in honor of  having a fun weekend.

Here is the recipe:

Step 1

Pour a 6 count of your favorite vodka or gin into a professional shaker, cover with strainer and lid.

Step 2

Shove the closed shaker into the well of ice and furiously spin it for 2 minutes.

Step 3

Bury the closed strainer under as much ice as possible. Let it sit in the well for 10 and half minutes while spraying cold club soda over the ice every few minutes.

Step 4

Pour a half count of vermouth into an absolutely ice cold Martini glass. Swirl the vermouth around the glass 3 times and discard down the drain.

Step 5

Place 2 cocktail olives, on a pick, into the wet & ice cold Martini glass.

Step 6

Pull the strainer of booze out of the ice well. If done properly the ice will stick to the strainer like a tongue to a signpost on Christmas. Pour the potent potable over the olives.

Step 7

Lick your lips, smell the aromas, take your first sip of pure heaven.

Enjoy your weekend.


World’s Best Vodka Martini Recipe by The Publican

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