Spacepearls – Jewelry for the fairytale lover in you


By now most of you should have noticed that I am an avid Alice in wonderland fan.

Alice is like my favorite Disney character and I want to be her!

Falling down a hole, chatting to animals!

Killing a beast 🙂

So it makes complete sense that I should have this stunning piece from Spacepearls

Alice's Clock Locket

Then these are just pretty and I had to show them to you.

Fairy Tale Rose Ring

Please and thank you

Alice in Wonderland Drink Me Vial Necklace

And for the die-hard Harry potter fans she has a wide variety of jewels.

This is my favorite

Harry Potter Potion - Unicorn Blood Vial Necklace

Such a fairytale collection 😉


Images via Spacepearls on Etsy


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