What shoes are best for travel?


I received the most informative email from GlobetrottingTips.com today:

What shoes are best for travel?

Since I spent a whole day yesterday in a mall looking for comfortable walking shoes and found none I was pleasantly surprised at the tips they give.

Hiking Boots
Quality boots are the key to a good hiking experience. Today’s boots are much lighter, reducing the drag on every step you take while still providing support.

The investment in a good pair is well worth it. Your regular athletic or street sneakers probably won’t hold up during the trip and will cause unnecessary aches and pains in your feet.

After spending a day crammed in your hiking boots – no matter how good they are – your feet are going to need a break, which is why you should always bring …

Whether you’ve been walking in hiking boots or sneakers, it’s nice to switch to flip-flops in the evening to let your feet breathe and relax. It also gives you the chance to dry off your shoes if they got wet.

Flip-flops are lightweight and thin, so they take up almost no space in your bag.

If you’re staying at a hostel it’s a good idea to bring a pair to wear in the shower. They’re also good if you’re going to be stopping near a beach or lake.

Dress Shoes
Even the most low-maintenance of travelers are likely to venture into a nicer restaurant (or two) where a pair of athletic sneakers just won’t cut it.

Let’s say you meet some crazy fun Europeans in a hostel who invite you out for a night on the town and all you have are heavy hiking boots – you might not even be able to get into most places.

For the sake of space and weight however, whatever shoes you bring should have utility beyond a single occasion. Luckily there are plenty of options for both guys and gals:

Ladies: Some of you might brave heels (kudos) but for the rest a pair of dressy sandals are perfect. Find a pair that are comfy enough to sight-see during the day and plenty chic for a fancy evening.

Fellows: A pair of nice sneakers is usually fine. Not big white athletic ones but a sleeker pair that you can transform from daytime sightseeing into nighttime partying without any hassle.

Sneakers may not be the best option for serious hiking, but for most other travel adventures they’re perfectly fine.

When I travel, I wear my sneaks on the plane, and pack a pair of flip-flops and dressy sandals and I’m good to go for a week or two.

One tip: If your sneakers get worn out during your trip, leave them behind at the end to make space in your bags for souvenirs. Throw them out or donate them. Same for flip-flops.

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