What to pack when visiting Croatia


Since I will be going to Croatia in a few weeks I decided to check a couple of sites for tips on packing.

Here is what I found:

Evening wear

The women in Dubrovnik really seem to go all out, especially in the evening.

Of course there are plenty of scruffy tourists too, but if you subscribe to the “when in Rome” philosophy, bring your poshest clothes and shoes.

Day wear

Comfortable shoes, light clothing for the day and a cardigan/jacket at night (summer-spring-autumn).

Warmer clothing for winter.


Make sure you bring swimwear, as you wouldn’t want to miss out on swimming here.


Because the beaches are either rocky or full of pebbles you need to wear rubber shoes to wade into the water.

You can buy them cheaply in shops and markets along the coast.

Photo Equipment:

Be sure to bring your best photo equipment.

Pictures of Dubrovnik were the main reason that I decided to visit Croatia and I’m sure I’m not the first person to be so enticed.

The city is beautiful and the light is great as it reflects off of the pale stone.

A polarizing filter will come in handy and a decent telephoto lens will also help.


You better have your sunscreen because you’re gonna get toasted in Dubrovnik. It doesn’t matter if you don’t go to the beach, the sun is really strong here, be careful.

Mosquito repellent
Sun Screen
Daypack with your bottle or two of semi-frozen water

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