What every girl needs – A stylist guide to packing


I was lucky enough to find this article on how to pack like a stylist and just had to share!

This is for a 3 day weekend get-away during summer ladies 🙂

The Basics
3 pairs of socks
4 pairs of undies
2 bras (“I always stash one bikini — you can wear the top under tees.”)

The Pieces
1 white button-up (“You can wear it long over jean shorts, as a bathing suit cover, or tied over your shorts or chinos.”)
2 tank tops
2 tees
1 pair of chinos
1 pair of skinny jeans
1 pair of denim cutoffs
1 pair of shorts (cotton or linen)
1 long dress
1 skirt
1 short dress
1 jacket
1 long cardigan
1 pair of sandals or espadrilles
1 pair of ballet flats
1 pair of nude heels

The Extras
1 straw hat (I think any cute hat will do)
1 pair of sunglasses
1 scarf
1 pair of stud earrings
1 pair of gold hoops (“Necklaces aren’t practical; they just get tangled up.”)

The Beauty
1 toiletry bag
Facial cleansing pads
Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen
Lip balm
Blemish treatment
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Body lotion
Hair bands
1 headband
Shampoo and conditioner (“Nothing will ruin your weekend like a bad hair day.”)

The Baggage
1 day bag
1 large carryall
1 carry-on trolley (“I like to check my wheely bag and carry on the carryall —

it’s faster to get through security this way, and the tote can double as a beach or grocery bag when you finally get where you’re going.”)


For more stunning tips go to www.dailycandy.com

I got this information via  and it is copyrighted to them, I am merely sharing the love.

Image from www.weheartit.com

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