Clean out your closet to clean out your mind.


I am not a hoarder! I pride myself on having the ability to throw things out when I need to.

But have you noticed how, with clothes it get really difficult? Since fashion always repeats itself, be it a 5 or 10 year cycle it repeats.

So this and my mom has taught me not to throw away clothes, but rather give them to her and she will hoard them till I call cause fashion made a u-turn.

So since it is the start of a new year I firmly decided it was time for a clean out of my closet and this time the bag will make it to charity and not my mom’s house.

So here is a pic of my new clean and tidy closet:  

I have to admit, it suddenly seems like I have very little clothes and my heart sank, but in truth I have a lot and by giving away the stuff I do not wear is a great feeling.

This season I stocked up on dresses anyway.


Tip: Fresh lavender tied in a bundle and put between your clothes will keep bugs away and keep your clothes smelling fresh.



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